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Collection: MARIA RIBERA

This collection in progress honors one of Mexico City's most legendary colony, Santa María la Ribera. Which is considered a magical colony for its cultural and historical richness and its beautiful architecture.

The founding of this colony was one of the first urban subdivisions, which was created almost simultaneously with Colonia San Rafael, which is why it was a large-scale project at that time. where its streets and architecture are full of tradition and stories rich in textures. Textures that we want to rescue and transmit through each piece one of the pieces that make up this collection.

Santa María la Ribera, has emblematic buildings such as the Geology and El Chopo museums, the Matías Romero Foundation, the House of Masks and its avenue with the Moorish kiosk, are some of the constructions that still preserve the sober style of a colony that it housed great artists and intellectuals in the first decades of the 20th century. The Santa María la Ribera neighborhood, with an enormous cultural wealth, is a cultural and historical bastion of the city. Its layout, architecture and streets constitute a great space, worth knowing and enjoying.

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